Sunday, January 12, 2014

Colonization Poster-Map, High Frontier May 2013

Use this map to play the tabletop game High Frontier or High Frontier Colonization, published by Sierra Madre Games. It extends the standard expanded map out to Pluto and beyond, all the way to Sedna and the sunlens point at 550 AU. Includes the newly discovered debris rings of Rhea, the penitentares of Europa, the mysterious featureless moon of Melone, the neutrino sunlens point, and more."I printed the Colonization HF Poster-Map in Large (48.00" x 22.46"), Value Poster Paper (Matte). It is great as long as you have the space for it. Otherwise, I would get the 36” X 24" version. If you combine with another Poster-Map (Bios-Origins or Interstellar) then you could do even better on price since you only need to pay for shipping once. The quality on both maps are top notch so I can strongly recommend them." Russell Harley

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