Sunday, February 2, 2014

Interstellar Poster-Map - High Frontier solitaire

Updated Nov 2013. This map, together with the High Frontier Colonization boardgame and free rules available by writing, enables you to travel to all the stars within a dozen light years with a starship of your design and a crew of your choice. This can be a "post-script" to a multi-player Colonization game, or as a solitaire game. To journey to the stars, you will need a good starship engine, the right team of humans and robot supports, and enough fuel “decatanks” (i.e. fuel tanks ten times normal mass) to speed up to cruising speed and then to slow to a dead stop at the destination. Your pilots have the special ability to brake the starship without using fuel, by drogue braking at gas giants, heliopause bow shock surfing on the Local Interstellar Cloud (LIC), using antimatter-fueled beam-core rockets, or using interplanetary magnetic fields. Your scientists dream up new ideas, which your engineers make into reality using 3D printers and nano-configuration refineries. Your engineers also repair dust and radiation damage, while your entrepreneurs keep the passengers sane with products and services. Marriages help reduce stress and provide for the next generation. Raygun crew are able to beam-push ultralight probes, either to potential destinations or back to Earth for help. Spacewalkers fix punctured radiators and land on planets to explore them. However the passengers both age and accumulate stress, and can mutiny if not aligned with the politics. Radiation can interfere with reproduction and increase cancer enough to turn your starship into a ghost ship.

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